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If you love shaping the future of leaders, teams and organisations by doing something really new instead of more of the same, consider joining us. If you find the regular education, consulting and venture business too little impact driven and lacking of personal responsibility, consider joining us. If you are solution-oriented instead of problem-driven, believe in the collective intelligence of teams and strive for personal growth within your professional career, consider joining us.

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Around 1492 you’ll find people who are rich in their diversity of backgrounds yet share common values such as:

  • -   curiosity to learn everyday to get always better, never perfect
  • -   dedication, focus and energy for impact
  • -   passion to exceed expectations to wow our clients
  • -   entrepreneurial mind-set to drive growth
  • -   contributing to the network with your interests and expertise

We value character and the right attitude as much as knowledge and competences. The latter two are easier to change. The first is a life long journey.

Alexander the Great is among the most influential and successful people in history. But he was also tremendously driven and restless. The Greek philosopher Diogenes, strongly opposed to material desires, considered him a slave of slaves. The tension between these two extremes resonates still today, 2000 years later. In the course of his material conquests, a bewildered Alexandre received education from Aristotle, who freed his mind of limiting beliefs. Yet freedom from his cognitive prison was only half the journey. Diogenes would’ve completed Alexander’s personal development by initiating the discovery of his inner world. However that was not to be, as Alexander died before it was made possible and his empire subsequently collapsed.

Conquering the Unknown

The American mythologist Joseph Campbell revealed in his comprehensive studies of collecting legends, myths and narratives around the world that from the dawn of mankind to the latest successful Hollywood productions, the protagonist, the hero, the one character most viewers identify with is the one who learns the most. The plots that we as a species like most all start by introducing the incompleteness of the hero by showing her live in the comfort zone. A call to adventure demolishes the comfort zone of her old world, making development inevitable. At first, the hero struggles stepping onto the path into the new world. Then she adapts on her road of trials to the new and changing circumstances. Life for the hero is uncertain there. She will only make it if eventually she experiences an inner turnaround, which transforms her into the master of two worlds, the old and the new. This is the evolutionary progress to the next stage of her capabilities and consciousness. The grammar of the “hero’s journey” demonstrates how we humans take learning as one of our highest virtues

Learning Update 149.2 

Unfortunately, learning for personal development, has been a luxurious privilege of the upper class for many centuries. After a long period of stagnation and cultural setbacks, education for everyone was on the rise with the first compulsory school attendance laws in the 17th century. However, the motives of reigning class were not to foster the collective intelligence of their people but individual obedience. They wanted their subjects to stay compliant citizens, disabled to rebel against them. Their solution was simple: pedagogical concepts that foster individual performance, conformity in thinking, and heavy punishment for real collaboration or co-creation.

Until today, we still hang on to most of these principles in our education system. During a test students are strictly kept from helping their neighbours or seek help. Building on each other’s ideas during an exam is sanctioned drastically. The message this conveys is that for the really important moments in your life, in your career, in your development you have to be on your own. Of course, everybody who believes this is handicapped for collective intelligence. To realise our collective potential this has to change dramatically.

Lifelong Learning 

For the first time in human history, we live in times of exponential extremes. We have produced more scientific articles in the last 10 yeas than in our entire history of human kind before. 3,000 years ago, changes in the environment were so slow that most people on our planet could rely on the experiences of 30 generations before them. 300 years ago, at the dawn of the industrial revolution, these valuable experiences expired after 3 generations. Today, the big parts of our knowledge are not even valid for a whole generation anymore. We count the years until what we know is out-dated. This turns  around the information flow between the generations for the first time in our history. The younger generation educates the older one. Today's kids tell the seniors how to use modern communication technologies, devices, computers, and the internet.

Integral Coherence

Today’s pace of change far beyond the world of Alexander the Great in ancient Greece and jet in awakening the best in live of leaders and eco-systesms there is more need than ever to have tutors like Aristotle and Diogenes in the integral package merged with CI:lab technology educate you and your people to find the right mind-set and behavior and direction for conquering new worlds beyond horizon. close


That is what makes 1492 unique and successful – and a great place to work at.
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