In the classical industrial paradigm, big leaps in corporate performance of more than 100% per year have been very unusual. Nowadays, in our hyper connected and dynamic world, for more and more organizations exponential growth rates have become the new normal.

That growth is only possible due to high complexity and non-linear interdependency, so that it is too much for analogue management in the old school way. Only smart digital solutions in a new paradigm can keep up.

The GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) have become the fifth largest economy after the USA, China, Japan and Germany with 900,000 employees only. With over 3 trillion market cap, their EBITA is larger than Austria’s GDP. Out-performing the rest of the world with less than 1 million employees is unprecedented in human history.

Out-performing the rest of the world with less than half of the population of Vienna, is unprecedented in human history. How is that possible? How can this be useful for other organizations? What is the impact on your leadership and management?

If you are intrigued by disrupting the economy and creating the future paradigm, join us at the:

November 7th February 2020 at SOHO HOUSE BERLIN

At the 1492 Collective Intelligence Summit, we will share inspiring use cases of technology enhanced behavioral transformation in four sessions:

  • 1st Session: Corporate consciousness enhancement – the organization as social brain
  • 2nd Session: Resonance for cultural change – how to achieve more with less
  • 3rd Session: Algorithmic decision making – better decisions faster
  • 4th Session: Data driven business models – because data never lies

1492 will be joined in our intimate setting by prestigious guest speakers including Dr. Dean Radin from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

I am looking forward to meeting you and growing our network together.
Let’s go beyond.

Kind Regards
Michael Hengl and the 1492 Team

What is the vision? What is the whole story? What do you stand for as a leader?  Do you want to take a look beyond the horizon?

These are the topics for
the Collective Intelligence Summit 2020:

Most leaders think that the above-mentioned companies are just some west coast tech-giants and most of it is not applicable in a traditional service or production industry. 1492 consulting group has proven that this is not the case. READ MORE

Already in 2008, we achieved exponential growth effects at an international consumer electronic OEM. Published as best-practice by the Harvard Business Manager, we helped the client to grow 100% per year over four years’ time, while reducing the cost by 25% over the same time span.

Daimler’s leadership 2020 process has kicked the old school icon into the global top 10 companies, leading the ‘best place to work’ audits in employer branding in 2018. Increasing time to market by 58%, cutting costs by 41%, achieving the profit goals four years ahead of planning, leveraging customer satisfaction by 85%, is not just the proof of a new paradigm, it is opening vast growth potential in an almost effortless way.

At the 1492 Collective Intelligence Summit, we share with you several use cases of technology enhanced behavioral transformation based on the wisdom of crowds. We will discuss the critical success factors and how the CI-algorithm in combination with AI in the future will disrupt the world of management systems. And you will have many opportunities to network and interact with diverse, high-level professionals and experts coming from industry, public services and the private equity sector, including our prestigious guest speakers, Professor Sandy Pentland from MIT, and Dr. Dean Radin from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

The future does not happen - it is made. In which future do we want to live? And what must the economy, organizations and leadership look like to service future needs? Turn science fiction into science facts and look beyond the horizon together with us.

We live in exponential times. Growing dependencies between markets and relevant players increase complexity and volatility. Small events can have a big impact in a very short time. In our markets, the famous butterfly effect has long since become part of everyday life and requires new approaches for management. READ MORE

The exponential increase in accumulated data makes it increasingly difficult to make an informed decision from this data. Customers have gained more and more influence, putting traditional business models under increasing pressure.

We live in an ambiguous and complex world in which volatility must be reinterpreted positively! A new paradigm is long overdue to successfully shape the future. Many executives from business and politics are overwhelmed by this, as they are still trying to overcome new problems with old tools. Their control instruments have meanwhile become dysfunctional.

New challenges are inevitable and they require new ways of finding solutions. In a transparent networked world, only transparent networked systems are able to generate the right solutions. To keep pace, companies must move away from an organization towards becoming a "social organism”. READ MORE

For managers, this means being active users, companions and guardians of collectively intelligent solutions in the future.

In order to carry out such profound changes at all, new technologies and methods are needed, so that the effort involved is not higher than the effects achieved. In a connected world, only interconnected tools can create added value and sustainable solutions.

When we consider the combined success of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, we see that there has never been such a difference in system performance in the history of mankind. How can that be? It's not stranger than you think, it's stranger than you can think. These leaps in performance can no longer be explained by assets, corporate culture or leadership alone. The big lever comes from the technologies used. The following formula explains why:


In times of digitalization it is appropriate to have a mathematical formula for success: P (Performance) is the result of the sum of the OS (Operation System) plus APP(Applications) high equipment.

In the metaphor of a computer, the OS stands for the Operating System, without which no applications run. It is the common basis that forms the framework for the applications (APP). The applications realize the desired performance. OS and APPs only work in combination with the right equipment. This is the hardware that delivers the computing power to be able to provide the performance at all.

Transferred to an organization, the OS (Operating System) is the corporate culture. Leadership is the decisive APP (application), which is potentiated by the equipment (technology) used. The formula for the performance of organizations can therefore also be set up as follows:

Performance = (Leadership + Culture)TECHNOLOGY

When we consider the metaphor of someone who cuts down a tree with a hand saw, we see that they will have no chance against a competitor with a chainsaw, even with the best attitude and an excellent manager. This pattern runs through all industries and sectors. Technology becomes unbeatable - but the best results are achieved when man and machine work together. This is where undreamt-of potential lies fallow. For us, the use of technology is so self-evident that we rigorously underestimate it. Technology is not only unbeatable, but also unstoppable.

For two decades now, we have been working closely with the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence to put these scientific findings into practice. In a variety of projects with Fortune 500 companies, we have repeatedly proven that by using collective intelligence, we can look further ahead, achieve better results and be more engaged than supporters and critics ever thought possible, and all of that not in contradiction to more fun at work. READ MORE

- In the after-sales area of a big player (100 executives, 1000 employees and 40,000 players in the ecosystem with 1 billion customers), a performance increase of 100% per year over four years was achieved. At the same time, costs were reduced by 25% over the same period. The project outperformed its targets and expectations by three billion euros.

- Through collective intelligent strategy development, transformation management and the development of new control and development tools, we launched the largest cultural transformation initiative in the company's history at an automotive manufacturer with 300,000 employees worldwide.

There are countless examples of the power of collective intelligence: - After the space shuttle "Challenger" accident in 1986. The share value of the company that supplied the causal technical part collapsed immediately after the crash. Trading was suspended. The commission of inquiry did not come to the same conclusion until 6 months later.

- When Hurricane Catherina struck New Orleans in 2005, volunteer aid teams organized an extremely effective and efficient supply for the suffering population on the ground, without any overarching coordination. State agencies and the army as centrally coordinated units were not in a position to achieve an almost similar quality of care.

We are in a final endgame here. If you don't digitize your business model today, but also your management, you won't be able to play along tomorrow! This has long ceased to be freedom of choice but is now a necessary hygiene factor in order to survive on the market. READ MORE

A digitalized business model and a digitalized, collectively intelligent management system can always integrate analogues, but not vice versa.

In addition, digitization takes our traditional understanding of expense and return to absurdity. In the old paradigm, we still think of people and employees as the starting point for value creation. In everyday life, we use technology in every area of life and have become so accustomed to the performance-enhancing effects that we no longer perceive them. These are by no means trivial changes, but a fundamental transformation of the global economic system.

A fundamental realization must be that we are not at the mercy of technology. As people, managers and board members, we are still at the helm to set the framework and the course. Although the "dark sides" of technology are seductive to power elites, the big centralistic models imploded already in 1989. Thirty years (or a generation later), managers still believe they can make prosperous decisions with a small group of board colleagues or experts. Even if this was once possible in an analogue world, it is critical in the VUCA world.

Analogue old school transitional management faces an increased risk of not having collected, filtered and correctly evaluated all relevant information. The data processing is overwhelming. READ MORE

In addition, there is a blatant lack of diversity. All these factors lead to a central "unconscious incompetence“ or “blind spots”: we do not know what we do not know. The answer to the resulting increasing short-sightedness for the few elites in politics, business and society is the wisdom of the crowd.

Leaders must promote collective and thus decentralized intelligence. The autonomy and connectivity of the individual ensures superior coordination and a much stronger performance. Groups of people then behave like a social brain. It also results in a better social balance through self-governing and self-organizing processes. This again leads to an upward spiral of more engagement, more resilience, and more output.

Of course, the nature of the output needs to be taken into account. It absolutely matters what all these empowered people think. Their individual consciousness leads to a global consciousness. Research from Princeton University psychologist Dr. Roger Nelson and Dr. Dean Radin proves the correlation of consciousness interfering with physical matters. In experiments, this is called the “observer effect”. The more people that are part of such setups, the stronger the effect, for example, influencing the throw of dice to such an extent that it becomes statistically significant.

Though challenging for today’s understanding, already in medieval times, there was the strong belief that a good harvest depends on the queens or kings uprightness. A wicked ruler’s mind leads to bad outcomes for all - and often becomes a beheaded ruler eventually. Nowadays, this mystical correlation is sometimes seen between CEOs and shareholder value. Knowing that the actual actions of a CEO is fairly limited, people want to see what is on the leader’s mind. What is the vision? What is the whole story? What do you stand for as a leader? The attitudes, values and beliefs of leaders resonate within dynamic systems, and so, these questions are crucial. The mindset of leaders is mirrored in outside world effects. Therefore, identifying and taking responsibility for the source of influence holds the key to enabling and creating fundamental change.

Combining this with collective intelligence, it is no longer the single leader whose values, attitudes, and mental models should determine the outcome – this knowledge highlights that single leaders are a big risk. Power needs to be distributed and secured by diversity of perspective. We must move from heroic leadership to noetic leadership in order to foster growth and prosperity for everyone.


Anyone who dares to look beyond the horizon has the best chance of positively influencing the future! If you dream big
– dream bigger!

Corporate consciousness enhancement – the organization as
social brain

  • All artificial intelligence and algorithms will fail if leadership and top-management are not at the top of their game. It takes tremendous resilience to keep a cool head, still trust your gut feelings and carefully watch over the purpose of your business without losing focus.
  • Individual mindfulness and collective consciousness need to go together for groundbreaking organizational performance. Based on the latest neuro-scientific research, this will propel collaboration and co-creation in your teams dramatically.

Learn and discuss how to upgrade personal and collective emotional intelligence for more torque in your workforce.

Resonance for cultural change – how to achieve more with less

  • Are you agile enough? Do you dare to make corporate experiments to learn? Do you share the same high-performance values? Do you trust each other? These questions need a hearty yes for lasting success in the new paradigm.
  • Corporate culture is the fundamental asset of any modern organization. Without the right corporate “operating system” no organizational evolution for the better is possible.

Learn and discuss how to engage your employees in cultural change. Based on collective intelligence, you can find the neural hot spots and topics of your organization for maximum effect with minimal effort.

Algorithmic decision making – better decisions faster

  • Usually organizations are aware of time as a critical resource for the right value-to-market and time-to-market. Nevertheless, the speed of decision-making in large corporations is way too slow in our fast-paced environment.
  • Additionally, the speed of implementation is even slower. So decisions are not executed and are constantly under revision.

Learn and discuss how to speed up your corporate decision-making digitally, combining the wisdom of crowds, decentral empowerment, and smart algorithms.

Data driven business models – because data never lies

  • Don’t ask your customers what they want. Know what they want. When, where and how much they want it. And how much they are willing to pay for it.
  • All successful platform businesses have the big advantage that they know their customers, aggregating data to predict purchase behavior.

Learn and discuss how you can use internal and external data to improve or change your business model and your value chain.

Corporate consciousness enhancement –
the organization as social brain
Resonance for cultural change –
how to achieve more with less
Workshop on the topic
Working Lunch
Algorithmic decision making – better decisions faster
Workshop on the topic
Feedback Session
Input and Debriefing
Data driven business models – how to qualify for the end game
the organization as social brain
Guest Speaker: Dr. Dean Radin, Institute of Noetic Sciences
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