1492 IPM Fund 

IPM is a unique next generation asset management firm and a multi-family office for investors who wish to create and secures the their wealth. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, IPM is present globally and possesses thorough understanding of sectors and regions we invest in. We specialise in private equity, venture capital, and financial advisory services. The IPM Venture Capital division targets investment opportunities in infrastructure technology (“InfraTech”) in Central and Eastern Europe – region we refer to as the Danube Valley. We offer a highly-sought after multitude of consulting and educational services. The Group builds tailored data-driven management tools and applications and provides quality executive education to a diverse body of professionals. 

Venture to value

1492 also offers superior management consulting services and advises entrepreneurs, investors, and PE & VC managers worldwide on achieving exponential growth. IPM and 1492 have combined efforts to offer a new way of investing. Together, we possess vast troves of business intelligence and tools that accelerate the process of value generation of our portfolio companies and make their growth stable and more predictable.

This approach benefits end-users, founders, and investors alike. We would like to extend to you an offer to partake in the 1492 IPM Fund and benefit from the dynamic transformation of the sectors of energy, energy storage, and mobility.

"we have solved the paradox of conservative innovation"


Investment commiTEE

If the idea of working with us resonates, please create a 60 seconds private youtube clip about your idea, send the link to  contact(a)1492.org. The 1492 Board of Directors will send you an instant feedback and our invitation to a first meeting.

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