If you want to 10x your business,
you need to 10x your mind!

The success of every venture depends on more than careful planning and precise execution. The business world is complex, and the bias of reductionism and unconscious ignorance allows any forecast to easily collapse by overlooking important signals.

Progressing from good to great performance is like moving from craftmanship to the level of art, which is not achieved by more specialization. The fundamental difference in quality is that art is holistic and integral in its nature and experience. It is not just better craftmanship. Our approach stretches beyond financial and legal terms, to accelerate and safeguard investments as they transition from venture to value. The following integral guide is for leaders who want to lead their venture to peak performance faster, with higher yield, and better predictability.

We leverage the fitness of leaders, people, and the entire ecosystem of an investment. We enhance corporate capacities and digitally turn tacit knowledge of the business model into transparent data and predictive insights. We are first mover of technology enhanced changes in mindset and behavior, with a comprehensive track record of Fortune 500 and DAX clients.


In mathematic terms, the algorithm for success is L + C + S = I. The I stands for the desired impact, which depends foremost on the fitness and integration of leaders (L) and corporate culture (C) with strategy (S).

Comparing the development of Nokia and Apple shows this clearly. When Steve Jobs took control of Apple for the second time, he was in a weak position regarding market cap and technology. The big differentiator to Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and Stefen Elop, both former Nokia CEOs, was clearly not the money at hand or the technology available. It was the different mindset as leaders, and the culture they created for successfully implementing strategy.

We argue that the best way to leverage leadership and culture for peak performance is through the use ofcollective intelligence of an organization as a whole, rather than financial expertise only. Experts are good within stable rules. Digitization, demographics, legislation, unforeseen competitors and Covid-19, just to name a few, are creating ever changing dynamics and such an ambiguous environment that only the wisdom of the masses has the reliability your investment deserves, to be safer, faster and performant.


If you want to 10x your business, you have to 10x the mind of your people first! There is no workaround for that universal truth, whether a large multinational or agile start-up on their way from venture to scalable value.

1492 has digitized this transformative journey, offering a software suite that increases enterprise value. It follows our leader-culture-strategy-impact algorithm to achieve maximum impact. This generates the excitement and engagement every successful investment needs.

A holistic strategy approach is necessary to accelerate and realize the full potential of returns while avoiding unnecessary risks

SPEED – Challenge

Re-active steering, cosmetic correction of development and scale-up activities based on retrospective metrics cause massive delays in return on investment and lead time to success for investors. Lack of transparency on critical themes and topics results in immature and unconfident decisions that put mission critical outcomes at risk. Unforeseen delays can render a desired exit or IPO impossible and the return on investment falls behind expectations.

RETURNS – Challenge

Many opportunities and potentials for scaling-up a portfolio company’s value are not seen due to limited access to the required resources and expertise at the right time. Furthermore, a narrow perspective on legal and financial content, instead of a holistic meaningful strategic approach, reduces the chance of creating unique break-through ideas and solutions which would grow value significantly.

RISK – Challenge

To cope with the increasing VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), placing all trust in single expert perspectives and opinions is dangerous. It significantly limits the ability to sense shortfalls or deviations in critical areas like scale-up readiness or strategy execution. Prediction failures on the venture-to-value path are recognized too late, resulting in sub-optimal strategic effects.

The 1492 Investor Grid

To plan for success and avoid the standard pitfalls of speed, returns and risk, 1492 has created the Investor Grid. It’s comprised of 6 phases covering all stages of investment, from the first evaluation of a potential investment to its successful exit.

With the right vision of where to go and a clear focus of what to do in each phase, you can maximize the value growth of your investment.

The 1492 Investor Grid helps you to establish a growth path that leads to a best-case scenario, instead of a mere target-case or even base-case. It leverages all our insights and enables you to operationalize them.

Our Value Proposition

Immediate Speed

We know Virtual – Building on years of consulting in blended settings, using virtual and physical approaches, qualifies us to have immediate effect on mindset and behavior with minimum ramp-up.

Full Passion

We Engage People – Based on storytelling communication, customer experience design and our knowledge of building virtual proximity and communities, we ignite your people to join the journey.

Proven Experience

We have done it before – Building on own and other’s best-practices, academic research, plus our understanding of successful and failed transformations make us unbeatable.

Powerful Synergy

We are co-creators – Your internal know-how, combined with our expertise to co-create and deliver results will ensure to realize the right business priorities and drive purpose fulfilment.

Managed Resonance

We Make the Pace – Through collective intelligence and steering the emotional resonance, transformation becomes more predictable with less risk and delivers better results with higher engagement.

We are not selling consulting days – We sell positive impact on Enterprise Value.

KATJA BELLINGHAUSEN, Chairwoman of the 1492 Holding

Your acceleration team

We are happy to take responsibility for the desired impact and engage with smart capital to safe free cashflow. If you are interested how we can accelerate your portfolio companies, don’t hesitate contacting us at contact(a)1492.org.   

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