We are deeply committed to enriching the lives of leaders at all levels through collective intelligence. The 1492 management system provides a crowd-based ‚power steering and driving assistant‘ for leaders undergoing transformation. This begins with changes in mindset and energy, extending to whole-system changes across entire organizations and large systems.

At 1492 X Venture to Value: As active investors, we are blitz-scaling portfolio companies to peak performance with our groundbreaking management system, powered by weBrain AI applications, enriching leadership and culture to leverage enterprise value. 

At 1492 weBrain Technology: We are the groundbreaking weBrain software platform powered by collective and artificial intelligence to bring the governance of organizations and their ecosystems to the next level. The crowd outperforms the core, the crowd is evergreen, and crowd foresters break breakthrough innovations. 

At 1492 New School of Business: We educate managers and leaders to embrace the next level of AI leadership, elevating consciousness, and fostering new capacities. We uplift across all quadrants and all lines (AQAL), equipping leaders to sustain elevated emotions that manifest success.

At 1492 Strategy Consultancy: We revolutionize strategy development and execution as a constant flow with our unique collective intelligence methodology. In combination with our weBrain AI applications, we deliver improved results with just a fraction of the effort. 1492 ensures the self-excited CI+AI circuit.


…by making brave decisions to question the status quo, for changing the game and discovering new worlds.

On August 3rd 1492, Christopher Columbus embarked on his journey heading West. As he discovered the new world, he also changed the paradigm of the old world forever. For many people of his time, a new continent beyond the Atlantic Ocean was not only far beyond their geographic horizon, but far more beyond their mental horizon. read more

150 years prior to the discoveries of Galileo Galilei, safety was found in conformity. Innovative, bold initiatives like the ones undertaken by Columbus were difficult to grasp, yet it is an unconventional enterprise such as this, that bears the potential for true revolution. Had Columbus not questioned the belief that the Earth was flat, he would not have embarked on his journey, proving the contrary and bringing forth countless new opportunities.

A similar paradigm shift is currently in full swing. The global economy is experiencing fundamental change. AI and Blockchain in an IoT landscape are triggering unprecedented technological disruption beyond our horizon of comprehension. The impact of corporate business on the environment has launched a race for renewable energy and the advent of clean and autonomous transportation. Traditional business models are buckling under the pressure to remain competitive, while innovative startups make the stock market headlines.

The AI revolution has resulted in sweeping changes across technology, socio-economics, demographics, and culture, forcing us to question virtually everything. The challenges we face are abrupt, and non-linear resulting in exponential consequences very difficult to predict. Welcome to the slowest day of rest of your life.

This interdependent world requires AI leadership on AQAL and system capacity that are congruent with this new paradigm. Traditional models based on old-school assumptions are failing on a global scale, incapable of adjusting efficiently to change. Success is now, more than ever, the result of our collective intelligence, not just the contributions of an individual. Collective intelligence can be evoked technologically and culturally, ideally both at once.

Columbus’s primary outstanding achievement came from within the reframing of his own internal perspective, in stark contrast with the dogma of his era. Courage and self-reflection are essential to overcome doubt, obstacles, and setbacks while aligning others behind unconventional, risky ideas.

In a world where more of the same is no longer enough, you and your business require truly different solutions. Allow 1492 to guide and support you on your journey towards your new world – towards a new horizon.


our eco-system partners



Board of Management

1492 was founded in 1994 by Katja and Michael as a think-tank for enriching the world with collective intelligence.

When the two met, Katja had reached the zenith of her career as an artist in both classical theater and German film and television, while Michael a former Austrian ski racer and entrepreneur, just had a successful exited his first business.

In 2004, Maximilian Kammerer became involved, providing valuable insight and game-changing spillover effects from his former role as an Apple executive.

In 2008, David Rohrmann joined the 1492 board of management as a graduate of philosophy and economics. He became a managing partner by virtue of his passion for leveraging the meaning of the purpose in corporate cultures.

Armin Blassnig, transitioning from an executive role on the client side, joined the leadership team during the pandemic. His valuable insights and his unique personality are undoubtedly scaling up to the growth of 1492 weBrain significantly.

We are more than ever deeply committed to enriching the world with collective and artificial intelligence.

Click here for our Harvard Business Best Practice example, published in the German Harvard Business Manager.


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