Senior Integral Business Consultant

1492 in a brief

1492 is the first international consultancy recognized in Harvard Business Manager with a best-practice article for enhancing the collective intelligence of organizations. We are specialized on strategy development and whole system change. 1492 includes the leadership and cultural development in order to accelerate the speed of execution. It is our mission to make the world a more prosperous place for everyone.

What you can expect

From day one, you will be an essential member of our diverse faculty composed of experts, business consultants and advisors with many years of experience collaborating with Fortune 500 companies. The projects are taking place mainly in DACH. Approximately 50 days of traveling are expected. Some remote and home-office work will be possible. Some of our workshops take place at our beautiful alpine mountain campus atop the village of Altaussee in Austria, and of course, most of the time we will be at the clients’ locations.

What you will be focusing on

  1. Expanding your personal integral and systemic capacities to create maximal value for our customer, the team and yourself
  2. Driving the multi-project management into an intelligent combination of initiatives, projects and tasks towards a common goal.
  3. Creating target pictures, meaningful narratives and strategic objectives.
  4. Practicing and implementing agile ways of working.
  5. Coaching, moderation and workshop facilitation.
  • 5+ years in senior management position – industry, service or consulting – business strategy – organizational design – change management – business model innovation – preferably coupled with several years of experience in entrepreneurial projects or leadership positions.
  • Experience with a variety of different sectors, incl. industry OEMs, financial services, public sector, NGOs
  • Track-record of leading and delivering significant impact on larger scale projects, and ongoing client engagement / development 
  • Managing multiple work streams and leveraging best-suited innovative methodologies and practices in business evaluation, transformation and creation
  • Experience of working with senior internal management in budget and objective setting in alignment with company strategic goals
  • Seeking constant personal growth and development and promotes this principle of learning in the organizations he/she consults
  • Fluent in English & German, presentation skills, advanced creativity and digital tool competencies

Traits that we value:

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and empathy.
Self-starter capabilities and a bold, friendly character.
Leadership potential, flexibility and strong communication skills.
Creativity, fast learning and structured implementation.
Loyalty, authenticity and genuine teamwork capabilities.
Integral Philosophy, your personal growth drives success.


Everybody is right
Always better, never perfect
Strive for progress not for excellence.


More about us

At 1492 We believe that life on Earth needs to be organized in a much better way. We have to go beyond what already exists and enhance the collective intelligence of teams, organizations and global institutions. We aim to inspire with the necessary insights and AI tools to make the world a more prosperous place for everyone.

1492 group is shaping the future of the world’s most successful companies by enhancing their collective intelligence. We operate on four pillars.

At 1492 Swarm Technology: We revolutionize corporate cognition, collaboration coordination by the development of data driven operating systems, apps and tools.

At 1492 New School of Business: We educate leaders, empowering them with the ability to conquer the unknown and change the game.

At 1492 Collective Intelligence Management Consultancy: We rethink and reinvent the strategies and business models of organizations to transform beyond.

At 1492 X Venture Partners: We guide shareholders, PE/VC managers and entrepreneurs towards exponential growth.

1492 stands for enhancing the collective intelligence, taking brave decisions to question the status quo, and change the game and discover new worlds. Find out more about 1492 here.

The 1492 HQ is located in Vienna, Austria, with offices in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and our Campus in Altaussee.


The Collective Intelligence

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New School of Business

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