Tailored executive education

The most effective way to increase organizational performance is by merging Strategy Communication, Change Management, Leadership Development and Cultural Transformation. Mature personal leadership is an imperative prerequisite for organizations aspiring high-performance, sustainable impact in business. An organization’s capability to adapt and shape successfully to unpredictable change is through the application of all four essential abilities.

Every participant must be capable of adopting an “outside-in” perspective. This development requires changes of the mind-set, attitude and behavior. Thinking and knowing are important but insufficient. Knowing everything about leadership does not make someone a great leader. New capabilities and skills need to be experienced and exercised collectively, and mistakes should be encouraged to accelerate the learning process.

To promote holistic learning, each module contains aspects of all four quadrants of the Leadership Atlas. All theories, action learning and case work are presented in fashion to clearly identify the main topic, while showcasing the interdependencies with the peripheral items.

In the face-to-face section of each module, each quadrant is represented by a day with a unique pedagogic theme. This allows complex material to be more easily digested, remembered and applied in the field. Having the Leadership Atlas serve as the core model and reference system provides structure and clarity throughout the journey to the participants.

There are clear focal points in each module that accompany the development of the leadership maturity and influence of each participant. The modules nurture individual development, are deeply integrated into the role of the participant, and are streamlined according to the reality of the workplace.

With each module, participants have the opportunity to discuss challenges their organizations are facing, and use the collective intelligence of facilitators, speakers and their peers to resolve them. These workshops are a vital part of the curriculum, as they provide insight and added value to the leaders and their organizations.

Module 1 – Personal Development (Self)

Influence the workplace with a positive attitude, resilient mind-set for success, and add value by means of cognitive and emotional intelligence. Assume transforming operational responsibilities to self-effective and authentic leadership.

Module 2 – Performance Culture (Teams)

Compose and develop an effective team and stakeholder network, by establishing common purpose and passion to pursue the full potential. Hone your ability, foster diversity, autonomy, transparency and real-time feedback to enhance the collective intelligence of your social system.

Module 3 – Business Impact (Operations)

Complete projects on time, budget and target by creating an ecosystem that promotes your team’s collective potential. Optimize the resiliency, capacity and flexibility of your operations to maximize value.

Module 4 – Market Impact (Transformation)

Increase your organization’s adaptive capacity by shaping the future of your industry. Stimulate, nurture and capitalize the collective intelligence of your ecosystem. Adjust efficiently to internal and external change, future-proofing the relevancy of your organization.

Learning is always an individual process. 1492 offers a unique education format that leverages interactive practical workshops and theoretical lectures. This new experience, knowledge and self-reflection enable participants to exponentially reinforce their leadership and management qualities.

Our executive education not only promotes the development of skills and insight necessary to perform your current responsibilities, it also anticipates the qualities needed for future objectives, emergency responses and organizational change. By applying new theoretic models and engaging in active, practical workshops, participants increase their capacity for high-impact strategic execution.

Each module includes dedicated learning themes around the main topic. This helps structuring the insight, making it accessible, and provides “train-the-trainer” style activities within the program.
The modules are designed to maximize overall learning, and specifically optimize the results of face-to-face time when participants are away from their daily work tasks.

Embedding actual business content, strategic project work and authentic customer interaction, this format ensures participants can both digest and apply this new knowledge instantly.

A key factor in the success of the Learning Journey is the holistic and diverse composition of its participant groups. Traditional leadership training is designed to serve homogenous groups, based on location, hierarchy or function.
The Learning Journey, however, is structured based on business realities, and working with multi-functional, cross-hierarchical teams. By composing the groups across various geographic locations, the opportunity exists to build global leadership communities.

A true global leadership community creates a profound competitive advantage, by leveraging global strategy execution and best practices in service of new business development and transformation. Speed of execution, transparency and collective intelligence drive a working culture that outperforms competition while driving market growth and innovation.

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