SONAR 720°

The Leader.Sonar 720° is a powerful digital leadership development instrument based on the wisdom of the crowd. It enhances enormous gains in effectiveness by understanding the fulfillment of stakeholder expectations of stakeholder. Beyond that it:

  • Translates intangible soft facts into measurable hard facts.
  • Visualizes the quality of the social relationship network.
  • Shows all areas of improvement and contentment.
  • Navigates leaders effortless towards learning priorities.
  • Mobilizes for corrective actions and quick wins.
  • Monitors development progress.

Leader.Sonar has already been very successfully deployed within several institutions and helped to save billions in transformation processes. From an individual and organizational viewpoint, Leader.Sonar creates inevitable learning and development opportunities. The anonymous database of more than thousand leaders and top executives across all industries provide excellent benchmark opportunities to monitor the development progress of the leadership culture.


The first crowd sourced leadership development instrument boosting effectiveness by the wisdom of the crowds. Just invite your important stakeholders for an online survey, which takes no longer than 10 minutes of your and their time. The feedback provided is strictly anonymous.

The Leader Sonar 720° will:

1) SHOW WHAT IS EXPECTED Individuals always have expectations of leaders. That context will be mapped on Business, Social and Emotional requirements. These insights enable you to understand your stakeholder’s needs better, and to communicate adequately.

2) GIVE FEEDBACK Gaps and overlaps are displayed for rapid learning. The “fulfillment of expectation score” shows in percent how much satisfaction you have gained. The unique perception of your stakeholders reveals quick wins and long-term development opportunities.

3) PROVIDE PRIORITIES The wisdom of the crowd provides you with an accurate focus of doable things. In a smart and easy way, the collective intelligence will help you to set the right priorities and achieve more with less effort.

4) SUPPORT EFFECTIVENESS The Sonar leadership style analysis shows the perfect fit and impact of your preferred leadership styles in comparison to the requirements. That is enhancing your personal leadership capacities by developing your preferred styles effortlessly.

5) AUDIT LEADERSHIP CULTURE In the event that a group of leaders conducts the Leader.Sonar, the data can be used to audit the overall strength and weaknesses of a leadership team in an anonymous way. We can tailor programs precisely to the skills strategically needed. The consolidated results enable progress monitoring to provide support where needed. Your 1st Leader Sonar 720° report will be accompanied by a two-hour personal debriefing and coaching session. This service enables you to fully comprehend the results. The Leader.Sonar 720° is a powerful management tool that transforms corporate cultural soft facts into quantifiable managerial hard facts.

It mobilizes the reserve capacity of an organization by providing an objective benchmark of potential and performance of individuals & teams. Offering an effective management cockpit for leadership, engagement and performance assessment of leaders and teams. 


Enabling leaders and teams to successfully develop their organizations, departments and teams in a sustainable way. The Leader.Sonar 720° has already been very successfully deployed within several global corporations and helped to save billions in transformation processes.


The Ci-Test is well received by any organization’s “immune system“, because the information is gathered from within the organization and is imposed to it. It measures and visualizes only the already existing and brings that information to surface and awareness.

Resting upon the organizations needs and focus, the Ci-Test supports organizations to see how they are perceived as a whole within their environment. All Ci-Test reports are delivered with a workshop session with the respective teams.

Accumulated Ci-Test results enable benchmarking and monitoring of the progress. Heatmaps identify capability gaps of the organization and areas for further development.

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