The industrial sector, as well as the governmental, NGO’s and humanitarian sector is in permanent transformation. What is truly game-changing far beyond horizon today, will be mainstream within the next 48 months. This is driven by new technologies, shifts in consumer behavior, and evolving competitive dynamics. Most organizations need a different paradigm for strategy and an up-skilling of their understanding. Mountains, and challenging lines up to the top, are still part of many power point presentations of executives and leaders, if they like to show a target picture and their strategy to their audience.

The story is clear, the summit is very narrow and difficult to reach. That is the moment where 90% of the people in the audience have turned their attention to something else. Most strategies simple to not resonate and can only be understood by a large effort of communication, and most strategies do hardly change the behavior of the workforce. The summit suggests the end and nobody asks “and then”? Mountains hardly run away or change their shape, and why to climb exactly that line will seldom be explained.

1492 CI strategy upskilling questions fundamental assumptions beyond horizon and involves relevant players in such a transparent way, that even thousands of people start resonating with the emerging future. They then understand strategy as a metabolic process of the organization and integrate innovation in an ongoing way. So, distill the energy by driving growth, by securing existing elements, and by ending what is outdated. The start way forward makes communication- and change-management obsolete, because everybody embraces in the very moment. It all starts with the 1492 strategy genome.

  1. What do we have to stand for in the future?
  2. What is our unique value proposition of the future?
  3. What will our portfolio of products and services be?
  4. What corporate capabilities do we need in the future?
  5. What will be our ideal delivery ecosystem performance?
  6. What will be the result of our financial performance?


„What got you here, won’t get you there!“ We guide and support you to safeguard the future of your business with our industry expertise. The predominant question to do so is: What does really create value for your customers in the short and in the long run? “Doing things right” is not enough anymore. Industry leaders also need to “do the right things”. Our assessment of strategic objectives and questioning of actions that are only effort-based and problem-description-focused, set the starting point to sustainable increases in business value.

We help you creating a meaningful vision, developing a strategy, communicating and executing it. Without these essential activities that drive business, there are delays, distortion and confusion at all levels of the organization. However, slow adaptation, low buy-in or complete disengagement of the workforce can be avoided when the whole organization is taken into account and considered more than a discrete system of hierarchies, functions and geographies.

We have developed methodologies and tools that build on the collective intelligence of your own organization and ecosystem. Based on that, we maximize your business intelligence with a defendable strategy to gain competitive advantage, and to start doing the right things. We created a framework to analyze your unit’s or organization’s value proposition and market competitiveness, called the 1492 Value Grid. For more information, or if you want to use the grid in your consultancy or for educational purposes, please contact our Managing Partner Maximilian Kammerer. Additional resources on the 1492 Customer Perceived Value Grid are part of our lecture series and available as digital publication at amazon.de.

1492 — Value Grid


Take an offsite trip for a day workshop and become an executive in residence at the 1492 campus in the pictures Austrian mountain range, one hour drive from Salzburg. Our experienced team of subject matter experts co-create together with you a draft how to start, change or execute the best ideas. The essence of one day in residence will open a multiple number of insight. Don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7/365.

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